Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dylan Thomas Secondary School Thursday the 23rd of June

Today we went back to Dylan Thomas Secondary School, where the children were firstly asked to write all the objects, places, colours and smells that they saw on their route to school this morning.

Some saw animals, some the relief of the land, some smelled the bakery and remembered walking past cracked gates.

We then passed around the loomweight  a two thousand four hundred year old object. We asked what the children thought it was used for, followed by photographs showing the weight being used by a Webster drawn onto ancient ceramics. We also passed around other archaeological artefacts which the children enjoyed handling and learning about.

We then showed the Tessera Hospitalis, asking again if the children knew what it was and the reasons for having one.

We then gave the children paper to draw their own Tessera Hospitalis, simply drawing the outline of a shape that they would like to be remembered by and that will be laser cut within stainless steel and placed in Swansea city centre.

As you can see once again from the photographs the children created some very interesting designs!

The children have a great art room so we stayed inside to create the global map using a large roll of paper sellotaped onto the table. We started by asking the children where they would place Swansea, leading on to ask where they were born, parents were born etc and to draw these locations using marker pens. Some children did not want to live on our planet, some deciding to live on Mars and one creating a new universe.

Emma Simmonds

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