Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cila Primary School Thursday the 12th of May 2011

Our Second Workshop was at Cila Primary School, where a team of four of us worked alongside Catrin with pupils aged from just 3 up to 11 years.
It was a lovely sunny day; therefore we were able to use their playground freely :)

With the 2 youngest classes we practiced looking exercises, finding a view finder, and understanding a 360 degree 'looking' angle. They also drew what they could see on their clip boards and following that onto their postcards. Both classes used the oil pastels and were extremely enthusiastic about all the different colours.

After break we had years 3 and 4 and were able to use the clip boards again but this time we concentrated on the children finding the skyline. Continuing this drawing on to their second and third pieces of paper to gain a greater perspective of what they could see and how you could express this onto paper. After, we cut the postcards and used the bottom half 'the land' as a stencil for the child to print, with ink, the sky above.
We had some great effects and the children were amazed at how differently the skies printed each time.
They then from memory drew their skyline back onto the postcard and their land underneath.

We repeated this with years 4, 5 and 6, with the older years applying colour onto their postcards and drawings over the ink which provided a great effect!

During this time Catrin was able to concentrate on her own painting, which we had set up outside under the gazebo. Her influences this particular day were from the beautiful sky clearly visible from the spot in which she was painting. The children were fascinated by the painting and we had a small question and answer time where the children expressed their thoughts about the work.

We had a fantastic day, and I think that the children thoroughly enjoyed the concept and making the artwork.

Emma Simmonds

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