Wednesday, 18 May 2011

St Helens Primary School Friday the 13th of May 2011

For our third workshop we went to St Helens Primary where once again a team of four of us alongside Catrin took six classes, from reception to year 6.
Although very windy, the weather stayed dry and we were able to use the playground for both exercises and drawing within groups.

With all the classes today we started with the two looking exercises out in the playground, moving through to initial drawings on paper and then onto postcards. We then moved indoors to cut the postcards, creating templates followed by using paint to print the sky on each. The children very much enjoyed using the paint and the different effects you could get when using both blue and white.

During lunch break and throughout the afternoon Catrin started her painting, the children were both fascinated watching, many asking questions while others played in the van! As the photographs show they had a great time!

All the children seemed to be very engaged with what they were doing, which resulted in some fantastic artwork! Year four were especially well behaved and produced some great postcards.

Emma Simmonds :)

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