Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cwmrhydyceriw Primary School Monday the 9th of May 2011

so here was our 1st school workshop, and the basic set up, and the painting produced

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  1. Yes despite the weather today, which was disappointing as it was our first day in school, we still managed to create some beautiful work with the children, who really enjoy themselves.

    We began by doing a series of looking activities in the yard, but this was stopped as the heavens opened, and so we quickly had to transfer the project into a lovely art room the school had. luckily most of the children were able to draw the skyline outside, so we were then able to transfer these onto a piece of foam, keeping everything postcard size. This was cut up and blue ink was applied, creating the sky for their postcard, from which the children were able to draw the landscape below from memory.

    It worked brilliantly( as you can see from the pictures here) and we cant wait to do it again!!!