Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gower College Thursday the 9th of June 2011

On Thursday morning we visited The Gower College to work with ESOL learners. Although challenging, due to the difference in language it was also extremely interesting.

Firstly we explored the way in which you can clarify line by constructing printing plates. Most students used scenes from Swansea including the beach and harbour but one student designed her own theme.

We then took a whole print of the plate in one colour. Following this we then asked them to divide up their printing plates as we then used each segment for printing with various coloured inks to print with.

During the second session we took them outside to draw their surrounding landscape, challenging them to draw without looking at the paper. We then experimented with various watercolour techniques, using different sized brushes and varying amounts of water.

A great experience :)

Emma Simmonds

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