Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sea View Primary School Friday the 17th of June 2011 Pm

Once we got started it was a very good session. We started taking about pupils' routes to school and what colour doors they saw on their route. We then moved to the hall to start mapping; this is how we run this activity in rainy days. Once the lads settled down again we were able to continue and we asked where Swansea would be on the map and where people were born if it was not Swansea. We had one pupil born in Latvia and Lena in Russia. We then moved on to discuss where people would like to live, where people had family or friends and drawing them onto the map. Next we distributed stickers, which labelled each student with a Football player from either Swansea City or Manchester City; we got them to then look at who they play for and where they were born.

We then moved back to the class room for the next exercise, and a bit or archaeology. We passed round an Etruscan Tessera Hospitalis and another mystery object which the children had to work out what it was. I thought it may have been a plum line and I was very close.

We then gave the children clues and showed them pictures of old pots with weaving depicted, asking the children if they could see the object in the photo.

Then we explained a little more about the Tessera, and asked if the children would like to create their own to be placed permanently in Swansea. All were very excited!

We had a few ospreys’ logos and even a motorcross bike!

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