Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery 'Over 55 Art Group' Wednesday the 15th of June 2011

Today was our second session with the Glynn Vivian art group. The previous week we experimented using drawing skills to observe the surroundings at The National Waterfront Museum located next to Swansea harbour. In preparation for today Catrin enlarged the drawings and produced various sized copies for the group to work with using them as guides to make their printing plates.

By tracing their drawings through onto the plates underneath the plate becomes indented, therefore when ink is applied areas that have been indented are left white creating a print.

We then progressed by experimenting with various layerings of colour, creating different textures. Some also divided their plates into sections, using the various sections to print and layer.

Following this we then asked members of the group who had collected swabs of 'colours of blue' last week, to choose a tone and recreate the colour onto a rectangular canvas as part of the 1000 blues sector of the project.

We also asked the group to start drawing their own Tessera Hospitalis, after demonstrating their purpose and design.

It was extremely interesting to work once again with the group, it was great to also share ideas of current work and varying practices, another interesting afternoon!

Emma Simmonds :)

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