Thursday, 16 June 2011

Morriston Comprehensive School 'POSTCARD' video compilation

Morriston Comprehensive school-children used 'free-drawing' to deconstruct traditional methods of drawing ‘place’. Notions of ‘journey’ and ‘time’ were incorporated into the process as their individual drawings were made on postcards which were subsequently sent to historian and archaeologist, Dr Elena Isayev, Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Exeter. These postcards, alongside all of the others made by schoolchildren across Swansea, will return to Swansea to feature in a project exhibition at Oriel Bach Gallery, Mumbles which is due to open on 1st October 2011.

This video captures initial outcomes of the ‘free drawing on postcards’ activity at Morriston Comprehensive School on Monday 6 June 2011, the start of the school-children’s journey into ‘Future Memory in Place’.

Words, photographs and video production by Graham Parker.

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