Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery 'Over 55 Art Group' Wednesday 8th June 2011

We worked with the ‘Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Over 55 Art Group' for the first time today. After discussing the project's aims, we set off to draw '180 degree landscapes' and to record the first of our '1000 colour blues' from the open-air, upper-storey balcony at the National Waterfront Museum.

The Museum is housed in a magnificent building that elegantly combines old and new architecture. A Grade II listed former dockside warehouse (formerly the Swansea Industrial & Maritime Museum) built in 1902, contrasts with a spectacular new glass and slate structure designed exactly a century later, by Stirling Prize-winning architects Wilkinson Eyre.

It was a bright but blustery day as we set about recording the spectacular views of Swansea Marina. We used a ‘free-drawing’ process to capture our experience of 'place', aiming to challenge the conventions of landscape composition.

We finished our day by recording in paint and on camera as many different colour blues as we could see. This was in preparation for the final project event on October 1st when there will be an interactive live public performance of voice and paintings, with a choir in Swansea Castle Gardens, that will bring together the work of the community, the historian and the artist with the expertise of the Music Director Marion Wood and the internationally renowned Mongolian Overtone singer Michael Ormiston. It will embody the abstracted sights and sounds of landscape.

We eagerly anticipate next week's meeting with the enthusiastic and talented ‘Glynn Vivian Over 55 Art Group’ where we will further develop the excellent artwork that was made today!

Words and photographs by Graham Parker

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